jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

Sería como la Tercera

Cierto que ahora vuelvo con pilas y en mi idioma natal. El manejo del inglés trae complicaciones imprevistas e innecesarias cuando hablamos de publicaciones sin sentido o alma. Las letras no decían, y continúan, sin decir algo profundo respecto a lo que yo tengo en mi interior. Ahora no es aburrimiento por lo que vengo a escribir esto, sino a reevindicarme en el mundo de la escritura publicada y on-line. Vengo con mas ansias que nunca de ser leída por otra persona que comparta de igual forma lo que le doy para leer. Pero sueno demasiado pretenciosa y lejana para esto, cosa que decería evitar.
La gente no comprendería, si es que en realidad piensas, en lo que escribir llega a significar para mi pero les sería aún mas incomprensible entender el sentimiento, la sensación de saber que lo que amo escribiendo alguien ama leyendo (por así decirlo).

Busco encontrar, de nuevo aquí, una nueva yo, alguien que en realidad sabe (o lo finge muy bien)lo que quiere. Pero he dicho o escrito tantas veces la misma frase que ya ni siquiera encuentro el motivo de hacerlo por que ha nadie le sigue importando quien sea yo en realidad. Ven a la persona que quieren ver en mi y no a lo que soy en realidad. Ven algo vacío que se muestra sin aspiraciones y no intentan buscar mas adentro de mi alma para averiguar si sus insinuaciones son correctas, por que simplemente no les importa si soy algo "vacío" o "completo".
Harta el sentimiento de lo que pasa se deja pasar por que no somos nada para detenerlo, por que aún no nos hemos creado una persona interna capás de salir hacia fuera diciendo: "Aquí estoy". Me asquea saber que no soy nada por mi culpa, hace que uno se auto-enoje por su personalidad plana, por asi decirlo; uno quiere ser algo en el mundo pero piensa que como ha nadie le ha llegado nunca a importar no hay necesidad de hacerlo. Hablan de ellos mismos, unos con el otro, pero saben muy bien ellos mismos como uno se siente, por que en conclusión: Nadie es un ser completo, por lo menos, no aún; no conozco a nadie que lo sea y debo admitir, que debe ser alguna consecuencia del hecho de que yo igualmente soy vacía, no real.

No quiero explanarme respecto a esto, pero si indicar el motivo de porque tengo esto publicado, o del porque me cree un blog al cual solo abandono cuando pierdo (es mi tercera vez tratando se salvarlo en realidad) pero deseo presentar un intento on-line para encontrarme a mi misma, en los ojos de otras personas, los lectores.

lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010


Experience would be the key word to describe what I am doing now. I was just boring in front my computer and I write on the "Googlesearcher" the words: FASHION MAGAZINES IN FRANCE. The results were disappointing as satisfactory, at the same time. Something sorprising was find this website, about this magazine, who seem to be very interesting. They have many variacions about main theme, as well magazines, someone were about accesories other were about homeliving.
This entry looks like some marketing plan for this web site but, you could not be more wrong about it. After, I take a look to the main gallery I observe, in shock, how this page all ready seems to familiar to my self. I all ready seen it following some link from SUSIEBUBBLE´S BLOG. I honestly fell kind of silly.

Ignoring my sillyness, I still persiut to copy and select this pictures:

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010


Don´t think that, you fake reader, don´t think the I lost my way for second or third time. I´m completly don´t talking about "SPORTS" in the formal word, I´m talking about other 2010 TREND. I´m not lie, this tittle entry is boring and completly lack of creativity but the tittle it´s not too important (even when is precisly that whot atrapt the reader when open the blog) but I don´t think the I should worry abput what atrapt to my own FAKE READER.
This tittle and the trend as self, is all about the inspiration that disigners embrace this past season. A inspiration about sport wear. Not talking about casual clothes, do not confuse that, I´m talking about more chic sport clothes, pleasure and business (as STYLE.COM says).

"And you thought there were a lot of sports in the Olympics. Designers have adopted a wide world of active influences for Spring. Alexander Wang's American football collection will look even better when broken down into its individual components; Pucci's Peter Dundas has combined business with pleasure, turning out sexy dresses inspired by his love of scuba; and Proenza Schouler has taken two well-worn references—surfing and skateboarding—and made them chicer than they have any right to be."

This inspiration could being see in the t-shirts, the clean and bright dresses and mostly, in the actitude that the model present at the runway show. A HIP and STYLISH MODEL, who is not scare or show here self into the world.

Catching up again

"The Spring collections we saw way back in September are finally arriving in stores. But at a time when—stock market bounce or no—you're probably being extra-discerning, it pays to brush up on your homework before you break out the plastic. Hence, our trend refresher course. From tribal prints to flak jackets to exposed brassieres, we've uncovered all of the season's standout looks."
The first lines are clearly as water a copypaste from STYLE.COM. The reason is the I´m trying, hardly as I can, to catch up with the fashion trends. I´m completly out of my elemment at this point.

This blog was to express what I have in mynd, but this time, reading my previus posts, I sense some nostalgic from my olda "Fasion" comments. So I´m trying to get credibility again in the business. The most siutable act was comment abput the trends, and even I sound to late for that, I don´t main, I really don´t.

The first trend I will speak about is: CLEAN ENERGY (so was the tittle on STYLE.COM)
The main idea here, was clean and plane colours at the pieces this season. Minimalistic is the clue word for this, and some designers as Phoebe Philo at Celine, has dominetd the situacion perfectly. Please, do not confuse with the minimalistic from the 90`s, this is not that situation.

"How best to head into the new decade? With a clean slate. Led by a resurgent Phoebe Philo at Celine, designers have rediscovered that less is more all over again for Spring, but this isn't the mannish minimalism of the 1990's. Dresses at Calvin Klein Collection and Donna Karan billowed and frilled; there were feminine takes on tailoring at Yves Saint Laurent; and thanks to Michael Kors' cutouts and Hussein Chalayan's thigh-high slits, we also saw lots of skin."
(STYLE.COM please do not see the obvious copy paste from my word into him)




martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

Only Black and White


I'm tired of this farce, and continue dreaming. I concluded that nobody will read this or find some similar views to mine, so if something else will write one for me. Also no one else will read this so I am only talking to myself.
Anyway, I´m not interested and If I want to, I will continue with this. I don´t care if I end up talking all alone.

viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010


This is my farewell for good, even the no one is reading this, I´m still going to say goodbye for my self. We have good times and this was my longer blog ever but it didn´t work.

I will miss this writing and the time the I spent with this blog, I do a lot here and I´m proud of that.

Bye, bye.

domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

I got a File for Me

I didn´t know what talk about here, now because my ideas are so boring or see before, so I distance some time from my "Blogger Account" and foccus in others stuf like put some order to my File with all my writings and books (online downloading), classifing that like insane with some clasifications, honestly, stupid. But the orders is someting that calm me from momments then I feel ussless.

It´s rewarding know the at least exist some order in my life, for exchange. Then, wen my "love" for my "Blogger Account" come bakc I don´t forget about my lovely File who help wen I was boring, oh no, I continue puting more order and puting more stuffs on, so he can be fill with information, the I adored and always read. It´s not only rewarding for me, is also for him and his capacity, his capacity to save information, wen I put some new "paper" on that file is so happy then always work perfectly and never got "shut down" so my work always is save and in good hands.

I should put some name to it and perhaps a sex change so he can turn to she, and be another "friend". More than friends, some confident, that "person", the only "person" that knows all my secrets and tastes in the world. That´s mayor responsibility if you ask me and that´s why I have so mcuh respect for her (Kiky, for Katherine).

IMAGE PLUS: The look is from Silvia Maestro and I think with a nice black top under that shirt, the androgyne look is complete.

viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

Spring 2010 Trends?

The question mark is mostly for my self because I hardly ever see my wardrobe according to the current Trends around the Fashion World. Not because I don´t have time to see it or I just don´t want to, I don´t see the Trends because I some times don´t agree with what they told me like "wear this or wear that, don´t wear this or don´t wear that". I just wear what I like and what I condider is cute and "Fashion for".

Even when I look this year trends and see someones who I thought were cute my principals are goods and respectable for me so I didn´t follow that much. I always like to think then when I´m looking this season most "lovely" designers, I´m selecting for my self the best trends the I fancy the most. But, sad for me this season trends are ment to my personal style:

Tie-Dye: The groovy surfer-girl print resurfaces for spring on grown-up cocktail dresses and sleek shirts. If we were betting women, we’d put 10 bucks on this spring trend turning up on the red carpet well before March 2010.(Proenza Shouler Dress)

The Fold-Over Neckline: More work-friendly than an off-the-shoulder cut but not quite the basic V, spring’s draped necklines are the perfect way to show off a new necklace—or just your own pretty face.

(All comments from Glamour.Com)

A Lovely Collage

It´s not secret the for some reason, people who ussually wright blogs also ussually make some collage with past images from magazines. It´s a incurable disease, also a inexplicable desease, because we all do sometime and then we can stop. So many images already cut and set to go to your wall the you can say it no to them. One most do it.

Many people wound´t understend the reason why we do this and let me tell you, I don´t even know it, I just do it and then admired my work in silence, waiting to someone looks and say: "What A Lovely Collage, do you make it your self?" That´s the magic question to say with proud: "Yes, I did". After that you see everyone with scorn because they are not admiring your master piece of Pop Art.

After you have finish the feeling of proud and greatness is beatifull and recomforting.

PLUS: A new photo from a Blog wich I admired (You already know right?)

miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Ready to start

Perhaps I´M not full ready to start with my principal idea but I have some little thoughts that definetly goes on the paper. "What idea?" you may wonder, my idea to what to wright on my spare time. Is one of the many tings I love to finish someday and I´m sure that one day will, untill now, I´m just in the preliminar face and have no clue what´s next.

I´m not what you say a head full with cleaver thoughts but wen I start to work completly on that my way won´t be so dark. Never ocurred to me some idea that I coud defense to critics because they were so basic and all ready see before then just bore everyone who read it. Let´s just say the I a person with good intentions and bad dedication, probably the best way to defined my self is with that sentence.

If you see my "File" with my writing you will be completly scare for my lack of concentration and dedication, you only see there many files un-finished and that´s just BAD

Plus for the day:
A way to style the one day I love to copy, for now just copy the picture

(I don´t know why my pictures came so small here)

lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

I nice way to see the World

There are many ways to see "The world the we live´in" and I´m not an exception, but my way to see it is a little different to the usual way. I just try to see the world as I can, but also try to not see to gray around, as hard that can sound.

Why? Because everything around me is gray and I´m tyred of that, tyred of all the people the around me fill my head with stupids thoughts. I jus can´t wait to be free and have no one like that with me.

My way to see the world is dreaming all the time and that what keep me alive for so long with out killing someone who absolutly deserved if you ask me. May not be the "good" way to see it but have work for me for many years and untill acomplish everything I will continue.

I new phot from Susie Bubble´s Blog wich I completly adored.

"That said, the shoes were an instant winner for me with Pierre Hardy probably taking the shoes to an all new maxed-out high.... so of course, it was no hardship to see them up close in the flesh... yes, they're heavy but I'm most tickled that even the most complex of designs will be making it onto the shop floor, mismatched blocks et all..."
(Susie´s words)

Inspiring my self.

There is always times when I don´t want to do anything but today there is a big diference because I was just catching up with Susie Bubble´s Blog and I find the most of the pictures and the personal style of Susie completly inspiring me to do something similar, and I´m not refering to take pictures of my self wearing SIMILAR outfits, no, big no. I was talking about create outfits of that type with some clothes the I don´n longer use and I refuse to trow to the garbage.

That will give me something to do with my spare time and a new Use from my old clothes, thats all I want to say about that subject.

PLUS: I add a picture from Susie Bubble´s Blog the I absolutly love and I found that was perfect from my new "proyect"

viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

The Sartorialist...A Movement?

Mystic title but this Fashion Blog is so popular and people visit him as was a dayli rutine on his DNA than I found something "cool" to discuss. Plus, one should ask...what meant to me read a Blog?

Is very important that someone as me say this, not because I found my self a mayor importance person, just because my self read many blogs around the day with the intention to learn someting. Is important the someone like me, who read this blogs, and not some journalist who just see this subject around, say it. We live trying to know what "this person" think about someting, we most know what "this person" think is apropiatte to ME to read. We all want to be at his height, few make it happen but for the rest, under the line of true fashionistas, we most read about this.

Some people found "this" stupid to say, but I like to visit others blogs, read his new entrances and know what they saying at the moment, but what we should do wen that need goes to far and makes the forward unstoppable? Do you never think about that?

It´s not my desire scare you with this but is my obligation say it, not four you speccially, but for me and evrytime I have the "unstoppable" desire to read all the blogs the I "need" I will read this and I can calm down and reconsider all the things that goes to.

Plus: I add this photo from The Sartorialist (read the psot title that captured my attention)

We all need some change for "exchange"

Another thing the I like to discuss is my possible "new blog focus" for say it. I was always considering some new way to see my blog, maybe not that much boring (talking about my excessive designers review problem) but the thing was the I never really give much thought about The New Focus until today, late in my bedroom, in front my computer (a very boring moment for me)

I don´t recall as much but is already mention this subject today? It is, well...besides is a very thing to discuss, is also very important as anything the I coud be posting at the same moment so I think we should continue.

My writing is not very well polished so far but I love to become someting more important in the Literary World. Don´t give me wrong, I also love Fashion but in my mind there was always a fight about wich is my Favorite Thing, Fashion or Literature?.

I never stop talk about fashion but what if I talk about others stuffs as well books, movies and music the I like and I hope so as you...not sound so bad right?

A Trend Report?

The question mark on the title are becaus I´m not so sure now about what sens I want to give to "my blog". I wanto continue on the Fashion World or I want to talk about others stuffs???

Big question mark in that subject too.

I was just making my ussual Morning-read around the web and I found a file about Prada latest show, I thought for a moment the I can talk about that, but then I see my self always talking about designers and all that stuff. Only that? I wonder my self, Only Fashion?.
I wasn´t too sure and I´m still trying to made up my messy mind.

Most be very tyring always read about existencial crisses from me all the time, but I can´t help, thats how I work.

I add a photo from PRADA: TREND REPORT from Vogue.co.uk just for go back to the previous subject.


Just an explanation about my disappearance, I've been busy with other things besides that I was not sure about that talk now. I not saying the you live for me and this is a post perhaps made only for me. I always wright for you, viewers, but I don´t think the you are interesting about this.

That´s all, I don´t want to take too much time on this subject.

lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

4 New Designers to Watch (2nd. Part)

We most go on with our task and since I don`t want to present a very long post, a cort this theme in two, so you can read it more comfortably. Let`s continue.

Our third designer is a she: Miksa. Unlike the previous designers, Miksa´s style is more urban, sport and casual. His outfits reminds me the collection the Stella Mcartney made for Adidas using also green fabrids, are very similar, even the photos to promove his collection.

"The outfits are cute and chic and tend to look at little like they could be casual beachwear."
(Another review from Trehhuger.com)

I really like it, and even when is not much to watch, the collection seens to be nice.

Finally, our last new designer to watch is again a she,(don´t think I`m feminist, thats how things are here). Our final designer is: Bibico.
Funny name and sweet looks, very spring beach night. Casual and cutes are the best adjetives for this collection, hip and cool.

"Bibico creates outfits using fair trade labor and materials, creating something they call fashionably fair. Outfits are fun and comfortable, and look like something you could wear to a backyard barbecue or to a picnic in the park."

Even when the professional aspects may leave behind in the last desinger, evryone prove, for me, the they may deserved more spotlight, even just a shine.

4 New Designers to Watch

The source of this new entry comes from one of my multiple visits to the online world. Just looking for some information, something new and I fell into this website I intended to Eco-green fashion.
He spoke on basically what I'm going to speak, new designers, almost renegade required to display their creations on the runways less known. Which are immediately forgotten does not mean that are not good, of course not, unless you just do not have your time to shine, yet.
Find something interesting to talk because, although a blog is just an amateur and they are unaware of all this, it means something anyway.

The most importante characteristics the this four designers share is the use of organic and recycled fabrics in his designs. After all we most protect the Earth.
The first is Tamman, our first renegade from fashion:

"Tammam, designs clothing witha 30's and 40's feel to it - complete with pleats, and sparkly embellishments to complete the period. Dresses and skirt sets all have classy styles that belong on the set of Mad Men or a classic gangster movie set."
(Source from that page I mentioned at first this post)

A really interesting looks, could perhaps try someting more daring, but the vintage is always cool.

Our next one is: Elena Garcia.
A tip about his work is the presence of hand made pieces in evry colecction, giving a touch of spirit to this green fabrids.
Be to spect the colours were green and white, the pieces are made for structurals girls.

I read about Ann Sophie Back

The thing I want to talk today is about this designer, Back to Back, which actually hearing him for the first time by Susie Bubble's blog, some time ago, silly of me, does not pay enough attention to his collection until now, which is a little vintage this post, so to speak. Now the I finally see it I can speach about it.

As seen and researched, the inspiration of Back is quite rare, is on a double life, a digital age where people create their own avatars representing about not only who they are but who want to be, is a somewhat far-fetched to see a collection yet gives more meaning.

Even if you somewhat revealing piece in the chest area, pay attention to detail of each garment is a fun and satisfying game. Each top, largely speaking, has a particular detail, whether a fabric that mimics the abdominal area or just the particular tissues that cover every area strategically scandalous to some people. Not to say it is so conservative and is against showing a little skin or curve but definitely could not go out wearing something like this, at least not in the area where I live.

Another thing which we should pay attention are the colors chosen, one would say are just gray but most represent spirits of what we are and try to show in our avatars, small souvenirs of ourselves.

It is mystical and personal, each outfit had to represent ourselves, internally. Will they succeed? Maybe...

Holly Fulton on Winter

Hello all there! Here I`m again, lucky to be alive and happy. Now, let`s go to our bussines.

I speak to you today about the new Ready-to-wear Winter Collection by Holly Fulton, presented at the London Fashion Week. Lovely ideas I most say.
In my last post maybe I was a bit harsh, and not opened my mind, as I've said, new ideas, more conservative. I`m trying to be more delicate with the people the deserved.

This is a new collection that presents what I always proclaimed, winter fun, bright colors, have very electro-funkier details. Even when the colors and shapes vary, particularly through the parade, the same idea is clear, the technological details or rather, mechanics, and are able to entertain us from sweaters to mini dresses evrything look, adorable.

viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

A Boring Nicole Farhi Show

Not much to say about this collection except that once again been proved that for some designers winter is synonymous with boredom at once bold color palette. While here, the error seems to be amended with a very basic and bright with anger in the spring but in winter such error, "the season", is inexcusable.

Three different designs in any similar type like a dull brown jacket. Although there appears to be appropriate for the winter, due to reasons of material, there is no reason to hide something like that, clearly seen just cheap.

Although not very accurate of me to make dimension to this development but the show overall was boring, already mentioned, some outfits are not completely obnoxious. Even though the prints are trying to save hard thought the collection, are fully maternal, as a grandmother. No help at all and certainly damage may reach the aforementioned collection.

The final designs, trying desperately to save him but to no avail, trying to show some sort of youth in that insipid concept show, again failing.

Am I being too antipathic with this? Certainly I do not think Nicole Farhi cares my comments, those comments just can not even get to be considered.

Issa London Ready to Wear 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of Issa, number of people ... two, Issa and me. Somewhat reclusive, but perhaps worth it?.

Certainly a costume parade full of gotic air, dark make-up going to the par with all the outfits equally dark.
"If one is to judge a label by its front row—which is, after all, the point of the front row—what on earth to make of Issa? Its prime seating section proudly showcased the likes of Peaches Geldof and Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate, girlfriend of Prince William. In other words, English girls famous for their relatives."

Jackets padded shorts styling helps black dresses.

The only thing more appropriate around the parade must have been, by far the little red leather dress.

There is no much to say here, just the this show most be for a specific type of girl, a very darck person. Just saying.

Alice+Olivia in Wonderland.

With clothes pulled out from a fantasy book, Alice + Olivia show us a collection full of sweetness and talent. Adorable details complement the small clothes, small hat tilted on the curly hair of the models, booties flirtatious help give a great presentation of these two designers.

The mix create here with winter as spring outfits is only product of my lack of perseverance to search for more winter looks. My apologices to you, reader, I have disappointed.

This entry must be considered my most mediocre entry, no other word to explain all this. Only two "decent" images? Shame on you, Katherine, shame on you.

Guns and Hats...a Wild West Theme?

Funny story, I was cheching the Vogue`blog reciently and I found pictures of the new shoes by Derek Lam. They wre cute and show the tittle of this enter... a Wild West Theme (according to Vogue).

Although most of the costumes are governed by that item, leather cowboy hats, the costumes more distant, were the brighter. That black dress fabrics, Oxford, show a more comfortable quality that loose and sloppy clothes of the Old West.
Here, the designer presented two parades different in style and design. First appeared dressed as apparent "canvas" or something similar, in some sloppy style, then finish with a luxury sobriety and quite apart from the first designs.
Who would please understand how we went from that to another?

At the risk of being forced to eat my words with shame, a single design mixed with an apparent success both styles. To my taste was a favorite of the whole parade.

The final dress was a different story, completely aloof to the other outfits, even more than its previous. Long, white, a large luxury single candle shows the ability of Derek Lam to confuse us in one show.

Sass & Bide`s Backstage.

Here is no place to words, just watch. Have a great time there and the designs were OK, that`s all I`m going to say.

Also, the models, thin and quiet were one of the fasinations of the show. His hair style gos perfectly fine with de streech and light designs.

The lights were not great but at least you can appreciate the details, which commemorates Egyptian tones, so at least I saw it.

The circules around the waist show the femenine said of the evnt as well the clean and sober make up.

The jewelry was evident in each of the designs, differing in the number and area, although most were located near the waist, abdomen and similar places, in an apparent attempt to demonstrate any female curve in those models.