lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Experience would be the key word to describe what I am doing now. I was just boring in front my computer and I write on the "Googlesearcher" the words: FASHION MAGAZINES IN FRANCE. The results were disappointing as satisfactory, at the same time. Something sorprising was find this website, about this magazine, who seem to be very interesting. They have many variacions about main theme, as well magazines, someone were about accesories other were about homeliving.
This entry looks like some marketing plan for this web site but, you could not be more wrong about it. After, I take a look to the main gallery I observe, in shock, how this page all ready seems to familiar to my self. I all ready seen it following some link from SUSIEBUBBLE´S BLOG. I honestly fell kind of silly.

Ignoring my sillyness, I still persiut to copy and select this pictures:

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