lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

4 New Designers to Watch

The source of this new entry comes from one of my multiple visits to the online world. Just looking for some information, something new and I fell into this website I intended to Eco-green fashion.
He spoke on basically what I'm going to speak, new designers, almost renegade required to display their creations on the runways less known. Which are immediately forgotten does not mean that are not good, of course not, unless you just do not have your time to shine, yet.
Find something interesting to talk because, although a blog is just an amateur and they are unaware of all this, it means something anyway.

The most importante characteristics the this four designers share is the use of organic and recycled fabrics in his designs. After all we most protect the Earth.
The first is Tamman, our first renegade from fashion:

"Tammam, designs clothing witha 30's and 40's feel to it - complete with pleats, and sparkly embellishments to complete the period. Dresses and skirt sets all have classy styles that belong on the set of Mad Men or a classic gangster movie set."
(Source from that page I mentioned at first this post)

A really interesting looks, could perhaps try someting more daring, but the vintage is always cool.

Our next one is: Elena Garcia.
A tip about his work is the presence of hand made pieces in evry colecction, giving a touch of spirit to this green fabrids.
Be to spect the colours were green and white, the pieces are made for structurals girls.

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