viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

A Trend Report?

The question mark on the title are becaus I´m not so sure now about what sens I want to give to "my blog". I wanto continue on the Fashion World or I want to talk about others stuffs???

Big question mark in that subject too.

I was just making my ussual Morning-read around the web and I found a file about Prada latest show, I thought for a moment the I can talk about that, but then I see my self always talking about designers and all that stuff. Only that? I wonder my self, Only Fashion?.
I wasn´t too sure and I´m still trying to made up my messy mind.

Most be very tyring always read about existencial crisses from me all the time, but I can´t help, thats how I work.

I add a photo from PRADA: TREND REPORT from just for go back to the previous subject.

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