viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

A Boring Nicole Farhi Show

Not much to say about this collection except that once again been proved that for some designers winter is synonymous with boredom at once bold color palette. While here, the error seems to be amended with a very basic and bright with anger in the spring but in winter such error, "the season", is inexcusable.

Three different designs in any similar type like a dull brown jacket. Although there appears to be appropriate for the winter, due to reasons of material, there is no reason to hide something like that, clearly seen just cheap.

Although not very accurate of me to make dimension to this development but the show overall was boring, already mentioned, some outfits are not completely obnoxious. Even though the prints are trying to save hard thought the collection, are fully maternal, as a grandmother. No help at all and certainly damage may reach the aforementioned collection.

The final designs, trying desperately to save him but to no avail, trying to show some sort of youth in that insipid concept show, again failing.

Am I being too antipathic with this? Certainly I do not think Nicole Farhi cares my comments, those comments just can not even get to be considered.

4 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for the comment! Yeees certainly dull and not even stylish! but i do ilike that final jumpsuit :-)

    Love from Calypso

  2. yeah, the color palette sure is boring and also all those things you've mentioned but the jumpsuit is kind of cute xp! But yeah those prints.. very motherly!


  3. Great post... I think the coats are just basic.
    Kisses from Seville. muahh!