miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Ready to start

Perhaps I´M not full ready to start with my principal idea but I have some little thoughts that definetly goes on the paper. "What idea?" you may wonder, my idea to what to wright on my spare time. Is one of the many tings I love to finish someday and I´m sure that one day will, untill now, I´m just in the preliminar face and have no clue what´s next.

I´m not what you say a head full with cleaver thoughts but wen I start to work completly on that my way won´t be so dark. Never ocurred to me some idea that I coud defense to critics because they were so basic and all ready see before then just bore everyone who read it. Let´s just say the I a person with good intentions and bad dedication, probably the best way to defined my self is with that sentence.

If you see my "File" with my writing you will be completly scare for my lack of concentration and dedication, you only see there many files un-finished and that´s just BAD

Plus for the day:
A way to style the one day I love to copy, for now just copy the picture

(I don´t know why my pictures came so small here)

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  1. I love this picture! Nice post!