viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

The Sartorialist...A Movement?

Mystic title but this Fashion Blog is so popular and people visit him as was a dayli rutine on his DNA than I found something "cool" to discuss. Plus, one should ask...what meant to me read a Blog?

Is very important that someone as me say this, not because I found my self a mayor importance person, just because my self read many blogs around the day with the intention to learn someting. Is important the someone like me, who read this blogs, and not some journalist who just see this subject around, say it. We live trying to know what "this person" think about someting, we most know what "this person" think is apropiatte to ME to read. We all want to be at his height, few make it happen but for the rest, under the line of true fashionistas, we most read about this.

Some people found "this" stupid to say, but I like to visit others blogs, read his new entrances and know what they saying at the moment, but what we should do wen that need goes to far and makes the forward unstoppable? Do you never think about that?

It´s not my desire scare you with this but is my obligation say it, not four you speccially, but for me and evrytime I have the "unstoppable" desire to read all the blogs the I "need" I will read this and I can calm down and reconsider all the things that goes to.

Plus: I add this photo from The Sartorialist (read the psot title that captured my attention)

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