viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

We all need some change for "exchange"

Another thing the I like to discuss is my possible "new blog focus" for say it. I was always considering some new way to see my blog, maybe not that much boring (talking about my excessive designers review problem) but the thing was the I never really give much thought about The New Focus until today, late in my bedroom, in front my computer (a very boring moment for me)

I don´t recall as much but is already mention this subject today? It is, well...besides is a very thing to discuss, is also very important as anything the I coud be posting at the same moment so I think we should continue.

My writing is not very well polished so far but I love to become someting more important in the Literary World. Don´t give me wrong, I also love Fashion but in my mind there was always a fight about wich is my Favorite Thing, Fashion or Literature?.

I never stop talk about fashion but what if I talk about others stuffs as well books, movies and music the I like and I hope so as you...not sound so bad right?

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