viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

Guns and Hats...a Wild West Theme?

Funny story, I was cheching the Vogue`blog reciently and I found pictures of the new shoes by Derek Lam. They wre cute and show the tittle of this enter... a Wild West Theme (according to Vogue).

Although most of the costumes are governed by that item, leather cowboy hats, the costumes more distant, were the brighter. That black dress fabrics, Oxford, show a more comfortable quality that loose and sloppy clothes of the Old West.
Here, the designer presented two parades different in style and design. First appeared dressed as apparent "canvas" or something similar, in some sloppy style, then finish with a luxury sobriety and quite apart from the first designs.
Who would please understand how we went from that to another?

At the risk of being forced to eat my words with shame, a single design mixed with an apparent success both styles. To my taste was a favorite of the whole parade.

The final dress was a different story, completely aloof to the other outfits, even more than its previous. Long, white, a large luxury single candle shows the ability of Derek Lam to confuse us in one show.

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