lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

4 New Designers to Watch (2nd. Part)

We most go on with our task and since I don`t want to present a very long post, a cort this theme in two, so you can read it more comfortably. Let`s continue.

Our third designer is a she: Miksa. Unlike the previous designers, Miksa´s style is more urban, sport and casual. His outfits reminds me the collection the Stella Mcartney made for Adidas using also green fabrids, are very similar, even the photos to promove his collection.

"The outfits are cute and chic and tend to look at little like they could be casual beachwear."
(Another review from

I really like it, and even when is not much to watch, the collection seens to be nice.

Finally, our last new designer to watch is again a she,(don´t think I`m feminist, thats how things are here). Our final designer is: Bibico.
Funny name and sweet looks, very spring beach night. Casual and cutes are the best adjetives for this collection, hip and cool.

"Bibico creates outfits using fair trade labor and materials, creating something they call fashionably fair. Outfits are fun and comfortable, and look like something you could wear to a backyard barbecue or to a picnic in the park."

Even when the professional aspects may leave behind in the last desinger, evryone prove, for me, the they may deserved more spotlight, even just a shine.

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  1. dear katie,
    maybe it is better to post in you language since you english is not that good.
    another tip is to focus on big designers like galliano and lagerfeld and review their collections. you can find information and photos on or do not review designers that people don't know. your blog is not that powerful. you can surf the famous blogs to see how they work. ( or
    I would also suggest to find a new template for your blog. this is a bit tiring.
    thank you

  2. actually, I think posting about smaller designers are a good choice too. I definitely will subscribe to this blog to see more of the smaller designers to see what they're up to. Every other blog and magazine reviews big designers and that's kind of tiring to see everywhere. This is rather refreshing.

    I love the sweeter and fresh looks this designer gives, and the lookbook makes me want to be on a beach wearing those clothes right now!