viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010


Don´t think that, you fake reader, don´t think the I lost my way for second or third time. I´m completly don´t talking about "SPORTS" in the formal word, I´m talking about other 2010 TREND. I´m not lie, this tittle entry is boring and completly lack of creativity but the tittle it´s not too important (even when is precisly that whot atrapt the reader when open the blog) but I don´t think the I should worry abput what atrapt to my own FAKE READER.
This tittle and the trend as self, is all about the inspiration that disigners embrace this past season. A inspiration about sport wear. Not talking about casual clothes, do not confuse that, I´m talking about more chic sport clothes, pleasure and business (as STYLE.COM says).

"And you thought there were a lot of sports in the Olympics. Designers have adopted a wide world of active influences for Spring. Alexander Wang's American football collection will look even better when broken down into its individual components; Pucci's Peter Dundas has combined business with pleasure, turning out sexy dresses inspired by his love of scuba; and Proenza Schouler has taken two well-worn references—surfing and skateboarding—and made them chicer than they have any right to be."

This inspiration could being see in the t-shirts, the clean and bright dresses and mostly, in the actitude that the model present at the runway show. A HIP and STYLISH MODEL, who is not scare or show here self into the world.

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