viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Catching up again

"The Spring collections we saw way back in September are finally arriving in stores. But at a time when—stock market bounce or no—you're probably being extra-discerning, it pays to brush up on your homework before you break out the plastic. Hence, our trend refresher course. From tribal prints to flak jackets to exposed brassieres, we've uncovered all of the season's standout looks."
The first lines are clearly as water a copypaste from STYLE.COM. The reason is the I´m trying, hardly as I can, to catch up with the fashion trends. I´m completly out of my elemment at this point.

This blog was to express what I have in mynd, but this time, reading my previus posts, I sense some nostalgic from my olda "Fasion" comments. So I´m trying to get credibility again in the business. The most siutable act was comment abput the trends, and even I sound to late for that, I don´t main, I really don´t.

The first trend I will speak about is: CLEAN ENERGY (so was the tittle on STYLE.COM)
The main idea here, was clean and plane colours at the pieces this season. Minimalistic is the clue word for this, and some designers as Phoebe Philo at Celine, has dominetd the situacion perfectly. Please, do not confuse with the minimalistic from the 90`s, this is not that situation.

"How best to head into the new decade? With a clean slate. Led by a resurgent Phoebe Philo at Celine, designers have rediscovered that less is more all over again for Spring, but this isn't the mannish minimalism of the 1990's. Dresses at Calvin Klein Collection and Donna Karan billowed and frilled; there were feminine takes on tailoring at Yves Saint Laurent; and thanks to Michael Kors' cutouts and Hussein Chalayan's thigh-high slits, we also saw lots of skin."
(STYLE.COM please do not see the obvious copy paste from my word into him)




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