lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Inspiring my self.

There is always times when I don´t want to do anything but today there is a big diference because I was just catching up with Susie Bubble´s Blog and I find the most of the pictures and the personal style of Susie completly inspiring me to do something similar, and I´m not refering to take pictures of my self wearing SIMILAR outfits, no, big no. I was talking about create outfits of that type with some clothes the I don´n longer use and I refuse to trow to the garbage.

That will give me something to do with my spare time and a new Use from my old clothes, thats all I want to say about that subject.

PLUS: I add a picture from Susie Bubble´s Blog the I absolutly love and I found that was perfect from my new "proyect"

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