viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

Spring 2010 Trends?

The question mark is mostly for my self because I hardly ever see my wardrobe according to the current Trends around the Fashion World. Not because I don´t have time to see it or I just don´t want to, I don´t see the Trends because I some times don´t agree with what they told me like "wear this or wear that, don´t wear this or don´t wear that". I just wear what I like and what I condider is cute and "Fashion for".

Even when I look this year trends and see someones who I thought were cute my principals are goods and respectable for me so I didn´t follow that much. I always like to think then when I´m looking this season most "lovely" designers, I´m selecting for my self the best trends the I fancy the most. But, sad for me this season trends are ment to my personal style:

Tie-Dye: The groovy surfer-girl print resurfaces for spring on grown-up cocktail dresses and sleek shirts. If we were betting women, we’d put 10 bucks on this spring trend turning up on the red carpet well before March 2010.(Proenza Shouler Dress)

The Fold-Over Neckline: More work-friendly than an off-the-shoulder cut but not quite the basic V, spring’s draped necklines are the perfect way to show off a new necklace—or just your own pretty face.

(All comments from Glamour.Com)

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