domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

I got a File for Me

I didn´t know what talk about here, now because my ideas are so boring or see before, so I distance some time from my "Blogger Account" and foccus in others stuf like put some order to my File with all my writings and books (online downloading), classifing that like insane with some clasifications, honestly, stupid. But the orders is someting that calm me from momments then I feel ussless.

It´s rewarding know the at least exist some order in my life, for exchange. Then, wen my "love" for my "Blogger Account" come bakc I don´t forget about my lovely File who help wen I was boring, oh no, I continue puting more order and puting more stuffs on, so he can be fill with information, the I adored and always read. It´s not only rewarding for me, is also for him and his capacity, his capacity to save information, wen I put some new "paper" on that file is so happy then always work perfectly and never got "shut down" so my work always is save and in good hands.

I should put some name to it and perhaps a sex change so he can turn to she, and be another "friend". More than friends, some confident, that "person", the only "person" that knows all my secrets and tastes in the world. That´s mayor responsibility if you ask me and that´s why I have so mcuh respect for her (Kiky, for Katherine).

IMAGE PLUS: The look is from Silvia Maestro and I think with a nice black top under that shirt, the androgyne look is complete.

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