viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

A Lovely Collage

It´s not secret the for some reason, people who ussually wright blogs also ussually make some collage with past images from magazines. It´s a incurable disease, also a inexplicable desease, because we all do sometime and then we can stop. So many images already cut and set to go to your wall the you can say it no to them. One most do it.

Many people wound´t understend the reason why we do this and let me tell you, I don´t even know it, I just do it and then admired my work in silence, waiting to someone looks and say: "What A Lovely Collage, do you make it your self?" That´s the magic question to say with proud: "Yes, I did". After that you see everyone with scorn because they are not admiring your master piece of Pop Art.

After you have finish the feeling of proud and greatness is beatifull and recomforting.

PLUS: A new photo from a Blog wich I admired (You already know right?)

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