viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

A Boring Nicole Farhi Show

Not much to say about this collection except that once again been proved that for some designers winter is synonymous with boredom at once bold color palette. While here, the error seems to be amended with a very basic and bright with anger in the spring but in winter such error, "the season", is inexcusable.

Three different designs in any similar type like a dull brown jacket. Although there appears to be appropriate for the winter, due to reasons of material, there is no reason to hide something like that, clearly seen just cheap.

Although not very accurate of me to make dimension to this development but the show overall was boring, already mentioned, some outfits are not completely obnoxious. Even though the prints are trying to save hard thought the collection, are fully maternal, as a grandmother. No help at all and certainly damage may reach the aforementioned collection.

The final designs, trying desperately to save him but to no avail, trying to show some sort of youth in that insipid concept show, again failing.

Am I being too antipathic with this? Certainly I do not think Nicole Farhi cares my comments, those comments just can not even get to be considered.

Issa London Ready to Wear 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of Issa, number of people ... two, Issa and me. Somewhat reclusive, but perhaps worth it?.

Certainly a costume parade full of gotic air, dark make-up going to the par with all the outfits equally dark.
"If one is to judge a label by its front row—which is, after all, the point of the front row—what on earth to make of Issa? Its prime seating section proudly showcased the likes of Peaches Geldof and Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate, girlfriend of Prince William. In other words, English girls famous for their relatives."

Jackets padded shorts styling helps black dresses.

The only thing more appropriate around the parade must have been, by far the little red leather dress.

There is no much to say here, just the this show most be for a specific type of girl, a very darck person. Just saying.

Alice+Olivia in Wonderland.

With clothes pulled out from a fantasy book, Alice + Olivia show us a collection full of sweetness and talent. Adorable details complement the small clothes, small hat tilted on the curly hair of the models, booties flirtatious help give a great presentation of these two designers.

The mix create here with winter as spring outfits is only product of my lack of perseverance to search for more winter looks. My apologices to you, reader, I have disappointed.

This entry must be considered my most mediocre entry, no other word to explain all this. Only two "decent" images? Shame on you, Katherine, shame on you.

Guns and Hats...a Wild West Theme?

Funny story, I was cheching the Vogue`blog reciently and I found pictures of the new shoes by Derek Lam. They wre cute and show the tittle of this enter... a Wild West Theme (according to Vogue).

Although most of the costumes are governed by that item, leather cowboy hats, the costumes more distant, were the brighter. That black dress fabrics, Oxford, show a more comfortable quality that loose and sloppy clothes of the Old West.
Here, the designer presented two parades different in style and design. First appeared dressed as apparent "canvas" or something similar, in some sloppy style, then finish with a luxury sobriety and quite apart from the first designs.
Who would please understand how we went from that to another?

At the risk of being forced to eat my words with shame, a single design mixed with an apparent success both styles. To my taste was a favorite of the whole parade.

The final dress was a different story, completely aloof to the other outfits, even more than its previous. Long, white, a large luxury single candle shows the ability of Derek Lam to confuse us in one show.

Sass & Bide`s Backstage.

Here is no place to words, just watch. Have a great time there and the designs were OK, that`s all I`m going to say.

Also, the models, thin and quiet were one of the fasinations of the show. His hair style gos perfectly fine with de streech and light designs.

The lights were not great but at least you can appreciate the details, which commemorates Egyptian tones, so at least I saw it.

The circules around the waist show the femenine said of the evnt as well the clean and sober make up.

The jewelry was evident in each of the designs, differing in the number and area, although most were located near the waist, abdomen and similar places, in an apparent attempt to demonstrate any female curve in those models.

Fendi`s luxury.

Oh, I did not see you hidden there. Please join me to the wonderful world of Backstage, do not let go of the hands ... might get lost.
I must admit this came out pretty grim, but at least express what that meant:
"Welcome to my first backstage... with Fendi".

The brand created by renowned Karl Lagerfeld diselñador touches the runway again. To impress? Majority ... yes. Like most blogs, they explain, it was obvious that these new designs in most travel between black and white tones, similar to the last collection. Besides soft comfortable fabrics, typical of winter, the designs are clearly the second most luxurious Lagerfeld side, the first is clearly Channel.

Like the designs, accessories, in a Lagerfeld show should be treated with the same attention and respect. On this occasion, the accessory that most striking was the brown leather bag with significant buckle Fs, walking alongside some of the boldest designs, brown leather pants and jackets with fur collars.
Handbags were small, slightly noticeable to the eye but it was the third star of the show, the second was the boldest outfits while and the first as always,was Lagerfeld.

"It`s definetly a new move towards femenity, said Vogue`s Fashion director Kate Phelana afterwards. There is much less hardwear on the pieces, they`re easy to wear, really elegant and chic-and really desirable"
(Review from

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Ju-Julien Mcdonald, Winter.

If you are curious about where I get all the "imagination" to my multiple entries keep looking. All the I get from my golden head is Top Secret, I keep my mind like a vault and only I know the combination. Is more fun that way.

Leaving behind the mystery, I think we should focus on our business, even if my secret is something very basic, please do not insist!, I will not speak anyway.
I already speak too much about the poor victim that I am, again lets foccus people!

Sure wonder that it is the title of my post, simple, winter. You know it's cold in winter and sometimes the cold will not let us speak correctly, so slightly stutter. Is just a simple connection between the winter and my title.
This leaves us with the winter collection from Julien Macdonald, because there is no place more welcoming than London and so prove their costumes.

Smaller outfits, completely androgynous show a futuristic view, very recently seen on the runways. With small black boots, helping to complement each dress, which show different techniques. Although at the same time one has the feeling of having a collection well presented, even if ... something dark.

"It`s still hardcore and demanding for atenttion, but go beyond the punk-inspired wow factor and there is so much to see: broken glass print that billowed out in chiffon behind the model from a matching silk jercey bodice encrusted with irregular shards of SWAROVSKY was one story in itself"
(Review from

I just could not agree more with that criticism, just to see his collection designed in the dark looks and intense hard and heavy music, punk music, I understood completely. Perhaps not the best way to describe this music but to see those outfits one gets to understand my point of view.

Assya Jewellery...

I think my section on accessories is not so bad, right? There is so much to talk, and time is infinite here ... (literally)
While the focus here was concentrate on the exhibitions of other designers, what I CAN DO is something significant.

Let`s tal about are main focuss here, tha is Assya Jewerlly, femenine and chic. simple as that. On his own web site, she describe her collection, her work like something for all us and that is very lovely for her, nice detaill I say.

"Welcome to Assya London,
home to the most chic and
glamourous jewellery a woman
could dream of!

Browse though our
collections, search for a
necklace or bracelet, or let
us make a bespoke piece for matter what you
desire we can make it a reality.

Our boutique in Notting Hill,
53 Ledbury Road, London W11
2AA tel +44 (0) 207 2431687,
is open from Monday to
Friday10am to 6pm.
Alternatively you can shop
online anytime of the day!"

(This is the introduction on a side of his web site:

She has several colletion to shop online, with very femenine names, everything for us.

Alison van der Lande

Working hard to find anything outstanding about this designer, in the best sense of the word, his name apparently does not resonate as much as I expected. From what I could find Alison bags are rare or little known, one of the other.

The exhibition with which I dreamed has passed away, never has an opportunity of seeing the light of day. Now, I am more than anything, the ethical obligation to present something about it, even with what little there.

"Eight years ago Alison van der Lande decided to swap the high-pressured life as a successful PR consultant in London to develop her own range of elegant bright travel bags, from her Hampshire home. “I have always wanted to do my own thing, and when I couldn’t find a colourful weekend bag, or a replacement for my daughter’s mini Barbie wheelie bag, I realised a gap in the market. It was eight years ago, and I remember trawling around all the department stores and there was nothing!” said Alison."
(Review from

I must say that my search has had significant success in finding the web apagina mims Alison van der Lande, doing my act of victim, useless. They page was entirely obvious (, sad thing for me. In here, Alison talck about his 2010 coleccion and his inspiration.

"2010 is here and what fun we are having with our collections. We have just launched our NEW handbag, the PRINCE, which is fabulously well received so I am thrilled. It comes in some stunning colours so take a look because you will find it hard to choose your favourite!"
(Alison van der Lande`s web site)


It is too difficult or processed if it is only the costumes ready-to-wear designers present their shows after. There is no science there.

I always want to present the exibitors from others designers but my sources were very limited. I think now is my chance, and I plan to occupy the maximum.

lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

I feel so stupid

The only thing I do is write and try to improve my blog, is all I can do and I still have no company to share my thoughts. I feel stupid to even write this because no one else is going to read with the exception of myself, this is not a good thought, is not pleasant, I feel bad to see my blog entries full of beautiful, curious and without no one to share.

The Vogue Blog.

Another reference for me, a new blog to check. Trying to talk about them without exceeding any copyright rule is willing to take a risk, especially one with a name so grateful for all of us as Vogue, the bible of fashion. I'm probably exaggerating, but maybe not. I'm talking about a magazine, a name known to millions of women who devote their time to read and learn their skills.

Why talk about copyright? That's obvious, something as simple as a national brand requires more than recognition, that's ownership over the others.

But again I've strayed from the main subject of this post (something very common for me in these last days), was speaking of Vogue `s blog, not Vogue`s magazine.

One would think that is serious and professional, but it's fun and youthful, photos and entries dealing with almost the same of what you and I post, just with a little more recognition.
Definitely check it out, visit it and have fun as much as I did.

Lead me in the dark.

It does not make much sense if this entry is only necessary to make some sense of legacy to help fashionistas around the world who have never read my blog, making this post useless but fun.

Meeting is important, that when you travel should know the best places and without fear, put in Google Earth the word FASHION, showing without delay and with an excellent view of the best places in all of New York relating to fashion.

There are many places to see:

1. Fashion Institute-Technology (A)
2. Parsons The New School for Design, the one the you see in Proyect Runway (B)
3. Couture Fashion Week (C)
4. The Strand Hotel (D)
5. Fashion fourty lounge (E)
6. High School of Fashion (F)
7. APC (G)

You may want to take a look to this places.

What I read in my spare time?

Besides the obvious, since I read my own blog, also dedicate my time to some other pressures, particularly focused my attention to the blogs of people who once told me, but at the risk of breaking any trademark, I love reading the blog Susie Lau, best known for the world of fashionistas like Susie Bubble.

It is truly a bubbly and friendly person that speaks pretty simple reviews of the best new designers. In addition, areas of comments on his blog to allow people like me something new, giving me the opportunity to meet new fashionista and incursions into the world of internet.

The first time I heard it was in an interview to a magazine, where they presented this girl as a new goddess of bloggers, making your site a must read for ever. Perhaps I exaggerate but his blog is heavily commented and insurance, if you're reading this because you found my blog lost in all the comments left by many amateur writers like me, I must include that Susie has no formal studies on the subject but even has several other jobs columnist, giving hope to others, that with enough publicity and loyalty by readers themselves, you can leave your little computer and enters the strange world of professional journals, where the criticism that you give really does something more than just a hobby.

This explicit that I read other things besides fashion blog as or, read books but also get to mention all my favorite read or just take a while.

For more interest:
-If you're curious about the image, just google hise Susie Bubble and click on the second link shown, was her profile.
-This is the link:

Memories of a post addict

It is difficult to say that I am not simply addicted to something as simple as writing entries in my blog, after all, everyone is addicted to something. I know people addicted to twiter, people addicted to manicures, coffee addict, addicted to gum. Not wanting to name names, I may be guilty of some, perhaps chewing gum is a deviled unrecognized but it does not speak, I mean everyone always does something that keeps him calm and happy, I find no problem in that unless smoking, drinking and other evil things.

It's not that hard fall somewhere without even notice it, is a gradual process, which over time will increase its strength. For example, my problem with blogs excess, was initially only one every day and a half, then turned daily, then two per day until now that would be the third in a single day and not afraid to say ... prognosis many more in the future.

Again with New York.

Miss Consistency I say, start with New York to be in London and then back again to New York, I'm not in any place still and calm.
Now determine which was the shift back to Mercedes-Bens Fashion Week with some knowledge on which another designer.

Although it seems that I am seized with a severe case of reporting, I can not come and say "Done, I'm tired of this and want to write something more" ... impossible for me, I began to find pleasure in writing about designers , placing additional pictures and let my imagination run wild in this topic.

There seems to be something so difficult either, but find favorite designers at specific sites can take much of your time, and the opportunities that I have on-lines are scarce, I must take the limit every time I come off the screen . What do I mean by my little opportunities in the magical world of the Internet? Quite simply, I still do not have the freedom to be independent from my parents, monetarily speaking, so I'm forced to continue living in their suburban home, and together with other brothers computer and freedom of opinion is scarce.

Returning to New York on, checking some sites that I realized my opportunity had not properly taken advantage of this event, do not use it wisely. Even when I wanted to keep the line designers just disappointed I can not turn the page and forget that there were other designers in addition to my Top 3 that dazzled with their designs, it is not fair to anyone, least for them, even if never Blog review will happen some such, abstractly becomes somewhat unfair that insurance would not tolerate if it were read.

Although not want me to write about the obvious hes impossible to ignore their collections again ... yes, yes, yes, some shine while others failed, but where is that hidden gem that will impress everyone with their models? Where will you can find something?

domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

David Koma...just that.

You think:
"Damn, this girl if that is original when it comes to titles, but it's hard to find something funny about each designer ... you try.
Forgetting what of that nasty comment, focus on what we have to do, talk about this designer, David Koma. Again I must admit I missed his name to my knowledge, this being the first time I see something of yours.

What was my impression? I think I've seen worse, while recognizing his genius for simple basic silhouettes, the clothes were okay. Although I am someone not very easy to please when it comes to clothes, this collection leaves me wanting more, without overdoing it in the designs and details. Not asking for much, but his approach is rather defined by what I saw with their inspirations.

Looking for info on this designer cai on the website of, giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge about this young man of 24 years, impressive.
Even with his knowledge, the expectations were high on this young designer.
Has it gone to his head? Is it too much too soon? Can he keep up the pace? Backstage before his show, with Vauxhalll Fashion Scout, at the Freemason's Hall, Koma confessed: "It has been hard. But I'm just trying to do my best and concentrate on my work."

Even with his knowledge, the expectations were high on this young designer.
Has it gone to his head? Is it too much too soon? Can he keep up the pace? Backstage before his show, with Vauxhalll Fashion Scout, at the Freemason's Hall, Koma confessed: "It has been hard. But I'm just trying to do my best and concentrate on my work."

"With all the buzz surrounding David Koma's eponymous label (as worn by Lady Gaga, Beyonce et al) it's easy to forget that this is just his third season - and that's if you include his graduate collection. Considering all the pressure that the attention must bring a remarkably humble Koma calmly pulled it out of the bag fora/w 2010."
(Review from Elle.Uk)

Time is now London!

It is fast approaching the fashion week in London, along with the usual and veteran designers, new talents are conspicuous.
Names like Paul Costello and Bora Aksu show excited about their views on the world of fashion.
As they understand the concept of a trend is somewhat more complex, so if you succeed, will have many more opportunities to express themselves on that walkway through their clothes.

Let's talk about some of them, being more specific ... Paul Costello. A quick look at their costumes and you notice immediately the winter, neutral and dark colors, which in my opinion, as always, get depressed and do not show the much needed encouragement to get through the winter.
Why do designers always tend to take the winter and somewhat depressed and neutral? I'm not saying they should leave for the rainy streets with a yellow mini dress ... but when was the last time someone died from using a brightly colored trench in the rain? I see nothing wrong with putting color on the runways winter.

It criticized the color, let's talk about the design itself. Sleeved silk blouses with skirts inflated balloon was the first thing that attracts attention. The funny outfits once again repeated on the world of fashion and even import the color of the dress, a blouse, well made and well taken always captures the eye.

I think the risk of being called cynical, this collection was to my liking in matters of design, several outfits caught my attention difficult task of selecting my best. Even when two similar outfits differed only in color

Do you see the similarity?

Have you heard about...Thakoon.

Honestly ... I do not, is the first time I saw a design on, or just heard about, but one must always be open to new ideas.
But in my infinite search for the best fashion shows and designers, I found in Harper `s Bazaar, something called:
"The best of fashion week, among them, hidden in Carolina Herrera and Donna Karan, showed his best collection, Thakoon.

"It's not just the cool girls who appreciate and wear Thakoon Panichgul's wares. It's smart girls. His clothes navigate that had hard-to-balance line between intellectual and wearable. His tricks, like blossomed-out pleats and bondage-like tightness played against swells of fabric, support his ideas of "design." But like we said, it's all still wearable — and that's the most important."
(Review from Harper`s

I think the most prominent in their designs were selected prints, creating cocktail dresses and spiritual aquatic forms, recalling the ports of Thailand. Is not that description sound too farfetched it?

Others dress in soft colors with easy draping, are the most casual of the parade.

Best of New York Fashion Week.

I was thinking, analyzing my posts about fashion week, I found them so poor and boring, just went three for three designers, when they presented many more, that's not right, give favoritism to a few to leave out many more never has been fair.
Then I decided to try to deliver as much information as possible about the other designers who shone with their collections.
The first is...Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs is in that enviable and exclusive club of designers who have free range to explore and stretch their imagination while still pulling in the customers. In less-deft hands, his spring collection, rife with dramatic curlicues of silk, full-on hanky motifs, and many, many innerwear-as-outerwear nods, would flounder. But in Marc's, it was one of those shows that made the jaded fashion crowd love its job.
(review extracted from Harper`s Bazar).

There were two different kinds of parades from the same designer, the first was sophisticated and elegant, with neutral colors, bright and demure floral prints, while the second, obviously younger models, the clothes became juveniles with spots and ribbons everywhere. With a parade dubbed HEAD-TO-TIGH-RUFFLES!
The costumes, in my opinion, seemed to be more useful to a branch of young adults, girls without fear of dressing like girls with dresses for a small reunion with

She's kookie, she's cute, she's got a crazy-cool way of dressing. She's the Marc by Marc Jacobs girl. For spring, her overt '80s references have subsided...a bit. There are still strong shoulders and bright-bright colors. But it's all a cheerful affair —the big plaids, the vibrant prints, the ruffles, ruches and pleats, and the underlying impression that these girls want to have a good time.
(Review extracted from Harper`s Bazar)

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

Here Top 1

Drum roll please ... tararararara:
Bang! Carolina Herrera.
What? they ask, So much fuss for Carolina Herrera?
For people who say something like, this are the people who obviously have not seen his new collection, which, if I may say, is so romantic and cool. Although it was difficult to separate from Zac Posen, this was to take home the gold.

The colors used in this new collection reflect a whole day of rain in the city, gray, purple, blue and some black and brown help to complement the looks of the entire runway.
As is because I choose the best clothes, according to me, around the show.

This is my frist selection, and the only thing that matters is explaining why I select. I think my only criterion in this selection was observed for a few seconds the incredible blue jacket that perfectly complements the gown beneath it.

Second one, and the colour with the print over all I think is sophisticated. I just love it, and you may agree with me the sometimes the professional observations should be left behind.

And my final chooise is the most beatifull dress in the entire show. It may be oberreacting? because it is the case...I don`t care, this was by far my favorite. The purple colour was so apropiet for the season, a perfect dress for a party.

Sorry for the problems

What problems? you may wonder.

It is really only a problem but I think it is quite someone can file on his blog something as rustic as my most recent entries?

What will be rustic? with rustic think ... I mean that the order of the pictures ruins the compocision of writing in my blog.

That's why I want to apologize, I am new to it to publish pictures, plus when I finish writing it, I clicked on the preview area and looked great, but after I saw my published blog entry, all ready, and It dosn`t look good.

It's pretty embarrassing having to produce something like this, like having to admit that I am unable to fix that basically ...i do not know how.

jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

I've decided...Zac Posen

A strange decision? I do not think for me, was difficult to separate from my first favorite, so is ... Zac Posen is my top 2.
his collection was so elegant, the evening dresses were among the best even though I had three favorite outfits.

This blue dress, look like is made of two diferent pieces...the colour is amazing, definitely my first favorite undoubtedly.

Elegant and chic...the best tittle for this collection, the second dress, the cut of her dress was so elegant, almost diplomatic.

You think the my final dress most be the final dress of the runway...even as crasy as sound, i just don`t like it, the shape was flat for the model and it dosn`t look good on her. Insted of that i choose this dress, reminds me a vintage look...don`t you to?

New york Fasion Week special: Top 3 designers

I think he must make that clear yesterday but was struggling to finish several projects for which my presentation of Max Azria is quite messy in my opinion.
I am my own severest critic and did not agree with most of what I write.
Returning to the subject, which try to do these days is a presentation of my top 3 favorite designers.

Sounds like a difficult task, but apparently I've decided my first.
Now I'm working on the second, trying to choose among many to the next bookmark.

The search has not been easy, some are good but are ... How can I say? too good while others are too complex minimalist for my taste. actually, I'm talking about one ... Donna Karan.
Honestly I expected something more fun and complex it, do not say that this disappointed that only one was not impressive!

I will wonder how someone without professional knowledge, I dare say such terrible things, make no mistake, I'm not giving a critique, I am giving a review. Notice the difference?

How do I get to my findings of my top 3? It's not so complicated, it is an extremely selective. In a selected web page pictures of the most renowned designers for myself, I notice a tiny row of pictures of the costumes and enlarge the reach that most drew my attention, if you've noticed are spectacular, even from afar. If I see that the collection is basically boring designs I change the page, simple as that.

So get to choose yesterday to Max Azria, now I think I've come to the second.

miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

Max Azria ... romantic?

The start of the parade ...
White, white jackets, white dresses. I'm not sure whether to say who is white, but the bone and snow variations are certainly true?

About four outfits as well, making me think instantly in the winter.

Next ... pink petals, three dressed in that color, at first glance seemed soft fabric, velvet dress with some sleek, satin velvet? apparently happens.

The following are the gray and black outfits, dresses agreed with the already notorious metal pantyhose . Great to have a comvinacion is this so? I'm not entirely sure.

Would say that the pantyhose thus proceed to the final dress nice if it had been short, immediately there would have placed those averages.
Why the final dress, which must be the most dramatic ends up being long? can be dramatic and great to be short.