lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

I nice way to see the World

There are many ways to see "The world the we live´in" and I´m not an exception, but my way to see it is a little different to the usual way. I just try to see the world as I can, but also try to not see to gray around, as hard that can sound.

Why? Because everything around me is gray and I´m tyred of that, tyred of all the people the around me fill my head with stupids thoughts. I jus can´t wait to be free and have no one like that with me.

My way to see the world is dreaming all the time and that what keep me alive for so long with out killing someone who absolutly deserved if you ask me. May not be the "good" way to see it but have work for me for many years and untill acomplish everything I will continue.

I new phot from Susie Bubble´s Blog wich I completly adored.

"That said, the shoes were an instant winner for me with Pierre Hardy probably taking the shoes to an all new maxed-out high.... so of course, it was no hardship to see them up close in the flesh... yes, they're heavy but I'm most tickled that even the most complex of designs will be making it onto the shop floor, mismatched blocks et all..."
(Susie´s words)

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