lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

What I read in my spare time?

Besides the obvious, since I read my own blog, also dedicate my time to some other pressures, particularly focused my attention to the blogs of people who once told me, but at the risk of breaking any trademark, I love reading the blog Susie Lau, best known for the world of fashionistas like Susie Bubble.

It is truly a bubbly and friendly person that speaks pretty simple reviews of the best new designers. In addition, areas of comments on his blog to allow people like me something new, giving me the opportunity to meet new fashionista and incursions into the world of internet.

The first time I heard it was in an interview to a magazine, where they presented this girl as a new goddess of bloggers, making your site a must read for ever. Perhaps I exaggerate but his blog is heavily commented and insurance, if you're reading this because you found my blog lost in all the comments left by many amateur writers like me, I must include that Susie has no formal studies on the subject but even has several other jobs columnist, giving hope to others, that with enough publicity and loyalty by readers themselves, you can leave your little computer and enters the strange world of professional journals, where the criticism that you give really does something more than just a hobby.

This explicit that I read other things besides fashion blog as or, read books but also get to mention all my favorite read or just take a while.

For more interest:
-If you're curious about the image, just google hise Susie Bubble and click on the second link shown, was her profile.
-This is the link:

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