domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

Time is now London!

It is fast approaching the fashion week in London, along with the usual and veteran designers, new talents are conspicuous.
Names like Paul Costello and Bora Aksu show excited about their views on the world of fashion.
As they understand the concept of a trend is somewhat more complex, so if you succeed, will have many more opportunities to express themselves on that walkway through their clothes.

Let's talk about some of them, being more specific ... Paul Costello. A quick look at their costumes and you notice immediately the winter, neutral and dark colors, which in my opinion, as always, get depressed and do not show the much needed encouragement to get through the winter.
Why do designers always tend to take the winter and somewhat depressed and neutral? I'm not saying they should leave for the rainy streets with a yellow mini dress ... but when was the last time someone died from using a brightly colored trench in the rain? I see nothing wrong with putting color on the runways winter.

It criticized the color, let's talk about the design itself. Sleeved silk blouses with skirts inflated balloon was the first thing that attracts attention. The funny outfits once again repeated on the world of fashion and even import the color of the dress, a blouse, well made and well taken always captures the eye.

I think the risk of being called cynical, this collection was to my liking in matters of design, several outfits caught my attention difficult task of selecting my best. Even when two similar outfits differed only in color

Do you see the similarity?

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