domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

What can be called good literature today?

I'm not the expert on the case, my writings are pure trash and no one has ever come to praise. Any criticism that I have indicates that what I write, click on my computer, it's boring and old but I refuse to leave this topic, the old book so to speach are my favorite, and the risk of sounding old fashioned I prefer the current ones.

Simply find that the plots of the current books are merely basic, besides that most of the books being sold these days dealing with vampires in romantic relationships with humans, book after book, the plot does not have differences. Just do not think I focus on the themes of vampires known only by Twilight, but exist another example of this phenomenon?
Bookshelves filled with fanciful themes when all I want to read is romance with a little more literary complexity, something a little more important than the so-called struggles between factions, I mean real psychological conflicts.

While reading this, one would say that I am a fervent fighter to modern literature and I think that would be too much. I am a fighter, I regard myself as someone who is critical of current events along with an astute opinion.

Moving away from the main topic of this entry, talking about my writing. This just stinks.

Maybe that sounds pessimistic but not always you have the inspiration needed to describe and create life in a world that can only live in your own mind. Impossible to describe it to me as much as possible something no one else has seen but me.
I guess the main problem would be that I see it in mine, with simple and crude descriptions the reader would be able to see what I saw at the time of writing which is just impossible.

I think this topic is ready for today but don`t think the i will stop of critic todays literature.

So far, So later


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