lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

Again with New York.

Miss Consistency I say, start with New York to be in London and then back again to New York, I'm not in any place still and calm.
Now determine which was the shift back to Mercedes-Bens Fashion Week with some knowledge on which another designer.

Although it seems that I am seized with a severe case of reporting, I can not come and say "Done, I'm tired of this and want to write something more" ... impossible for me, I began to find pleasure in writing about designers , placing additional pictures and let my imagination run wild in this topic.

There seems to be something so difficult either, but find favorite designers at specific sites can take much of your time, and the opportunities that I have on-lines are scarce, I must take the limit every time I come off the screen . What do I mean by my little opportunities in the magical world of the Internet? Quite simply, I still do not have the freedom to be independent from my parents, monetarily speaking, so I'm forced to continue living in their suburban home, and together with other brothers computer and freedom of opinion is scarce.

Returning to New York on, checking some sites that I realized my opportunity had not properly taken advantage of this event, do not use it wisely. Even when I wanted to keep the line designers just disappointed I can not turn the page and forget that there were other designers in addition to my Top 3 that dazzled with their designs, it is not fair to anyone, least for them, even if never Blog review will happen some such, abstractly becomes somewhat unfair that insurance would not tolerate if it were read.

Although not want me to write about the obvious hes impossible to ignore their collections again ... yes, yes, yes, some shine while others failed, but where is that hidden gem that will impress everyone with their models? Where will you can find something?

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