miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Alison van der Lande

Working hard to find anything outstanding about this designer, in the best sense of the word, his name apparently does not resonate as much as I expected. From what I could find Alison bags are rare or little known, one of the other.

The exhibition with which I dreamed has passed away, never has an opportunity of seeing the light of day. Now, I am more than anything, the ethical obligation to present something about it, even with what little there.

"Eight years ago Alison van der Lande decided to swap the high-pressured life as a successful PR consultant in London to develop her own range of elegant bright travel bags, from her Hampshire home. “I have always wanted to do my own thing, and when I couldn’t find a colourful weekend bag, or a replacement for my daughter’s mini Barbie wheelie bag, I realised a gap in the market. It was eight years ago, and I remember trawling around all the department stores and there was nothing!” said Alison."
(Review from Londonfashionweek.co.uk)

I must say that my search has had significant success in finding the web apagina mims Alison van der Lande, doing my act of victim, useless. They page was entirely obvious (http://www.alisonvanderlande.co.uk/), sad thing for me. In here, Alison talck about his 2010 coleccion and his inspiration.

"2010 is here and what fun we are having with our collections. We have just launched our NEW handbag, the PRINCE, which is fabulously well received so I am thrilled. It comes in some stunning colours so take a look because you will find it hard to choose your favourite!"
(Alison van der Lande`s web site)

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