viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010

I guess the third time`s the charm

Not many people know this, this is the third blog I throw, the other died with just one comment in one entry of only 10.

I appreciate that comment to write this blog for myself but do not completely agree, I want people to read what I write, I find myself reading it useful, I wrote them.
Sounds disinterested that comment.

I appreciate your comments, is the only one that finds its way into my blog. I hace others thing to say.

Also need to know I started this blog, unlike others, focusing instead on my mind and not in shallow entries that no one can read as too boring. Previously written about how good use a good jacket or you could use a pair of boots but I did not identify, wanted to be more,first thought was to write things like that tipe, drive traffic to my blog and then start writing about what I want.

But did not work, could not attract sufficient public and forever closed the others blogs, also that over time I have come to forget the password for each blog.

Thank for your time
So far...So later


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