lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

Memories of a post addict

It is difficult to say that I am not simply addicted to something as simple as writing entries in my blog, after all, everyone is addicted to something. I know people addicted to twiter, people addicted to manicures, coffee addict, addicted to gum. Not wanting to name names, I may be guilty of some, perhaps chewing gum is a deviled unrecognized but it does not speak, I mean everyone always does something that keeps him calm and happy, I find no problem in that unless smoking, drinking and other evil things.

It's not that hard fall somewhere without even notice it, is a gradual process, which over time will increase its strength. For example, my problem with blogs excess, was initially only one every day and a half, then turned daily, then two per day until now that would be the third in a single day and not afraid to say ... prognosis many more in the future.

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