miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

Ju-Julien Mcdonald, Winter.

If you are curious about where I get all the "imagination" to my multiple entries keep looking. All the I get from my golden head is Top Secret, I keep my mind like a vault and only I know the combination. Is more fun that way.

Leaving behind the mystery, I think we should focus on our business, even if my secret is something very basic, please do not insist!, I will not speak anyway.
I already speak too much about the poor victim that I am, again lets foccus people!

Sure wonder that it is the title of my post, simple, winter. You know it's cold in winter and sometimes the cold will not let us speak correctly, so slightly stutter. Is just a simple connection between the winter and my title.
This leaves us with the winter collection from Julien Macdonald, because there is no place more welcoming than London and so prove their costumes.

Smaller outfits, completely androgynous show a futuristic view, very recently seen on the runways. With small black boots, helping to complement each dress, which show different techniques. Although at the same time one has the feeling of having a collection well presented, even if ... something dark.

"It`s still hardcore and demanding for atenttion, but go beyond the punk-inspired wow factor and there is so much to see: broken glass print that billowed out in chiffon behind the model from a matching silk jercey bodice encrusted with irregular shards of SWAROVSKY was one story in itself"
(Review from Vogue.co.uk)

I just could not agree more with that criticism, just to see his collection designed in the dark looks and intense hard and heavy music, punk music, I understood completely. Perhaps not the best way to describe this music but to see those outfits one gets to understand my point of view.

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  1. Hiya! Thank u very much 4 ur comment! And sorry for my english, I do as much as I can..lol
    I see you have begun with your blog not much time ago, like me...=)
    Don't worry if now not much people visit u usually, I think is normal because we are begining... =)
    Lots of kisses from Seville, and come back soon to my blog... =)


  2. pretty blog. and thank you for your comment))


  3. Thanks for the comment, I'm sure this outfit would look cool on the right person :)


  4. Thanks for your comment!
    Great post. I like it!