jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

New york Fasion Week special: Top 3 designers

I think he must make that clear yesterday but was struggling to finish several projects for which my presentation of Max Azria is quite messy in my opinion.
I am my own severest critic and did not agree with most of what I write.
Returning to the subject, which try to do these days is a presentation of my top 3 favorite designers.

Sounds like a difficult task, but apparently I've decided my first.
Now I'm working on the second, trying to choose among many to the next bookmark.

The search has not been easy, some are good but are ... How can I say? too good while others are too complex minimalist for my taste. actually, I'm talking about one ... Donna Karan.
Honestly I expected something more fun and complex it, do not say that this disappointed that only one was not impressive!

I will wonder how someone without professional knowledge, I dare say such terrible things, make no mistake, I'm not giving a critique, I am giving a review. Notice the difference?

How do I get to my findings of my top 3? It's not so complicated, it is an extremely selective. In a selected web page pictures of the most renowned designers for myself, I notice a tiny row of pictures of the costumes and enlarge the reach that most drew my attention, if you've noticed are spectacular, even from afar. If I see that the collection is basically boring designs I change the page, simple as that.

So get to choose yesterday to Max Azria, now I think I've come to the second.

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