jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

I've decided...Zac Posen

A strange decision? I do not think for me, was difficult to separate from my first favorite, so is ... Zac Posen is my top 2.
his collection was so elegant, the evening dresses were among the best even though I had three favorite outfits.

This blue dress, look like is made of two diferent pieces...the colour is amazing, definitely my first favorite undoubtedly.

Elegant and chic...the best tittle for this collection, the second dress, the cut of her dress was so elegant, almost diplomatic.

You think the my final dress most be the final dress of the runway...even as crasy as sound, i just don`t like it, the shape was flat for the model and it dosn`t look good on her. Insted of that i choose this dress, reminds me a vintage look...don`t you to?

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