domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

Best of New York Fashion Week.

I was thinking, analyzing my posts about fashion week, I found them so poor and boring, just went three for three designers, when they presented many more, that's not right, give favoritism to a few to leave out many more never has been fair.
Then I decided to try to deliver as much information as possible about the other designers who shone with their collections.
The first is...Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs is in that enviable and exclusive club of designers who have free range to explore and stretch their imagination while still pulling in the customers. In less-deft hands, his spring collection, rife with dramatic curlicues of silk, full-on hanky motifs, and many, many innerwear-as-outerwear nods, would flounder. But in Marc's, it was one of those shows that made the jaded fashion crowd love its job.
(review extracted from Harper`s Bazar).

There were two different kinds of parades from the same designer, the first was sophisticated and elegant, with neutral colors, bright and demure floral prints, while the second, obviously younger models, the clothes became juveniles with spots and ribbons everywhere. With a parade dubbed HEAD-TO-TIGH-RUFFLES!
The costumes, in my opinion, seemed to be more useful to a branch of young adults, girls without fear of dressing like girls with dresses for a small reunion with

She's kookie, she's cute, she's got a crazy-cool way of dressing. She's the Marc by Marc Jacobs girl. For spring, her overt '80s references have subsided...a bit. There are still strong shoulders and bright-bright colors. But it's all a cheerful affair —the big plaids, the vibrant prints, the ruffles, ruches and pleats, and the underlying impression that these girls want to have a good time.
(Review extracted from Harper`s Bazar)

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