miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

I can not find an explanation for this

There is an event that I can not give explanation, I can not explain how it works, only that can happen.
I just happened once, months ago, I can hardly forget. I guess it's part of this strange process.
Sure they got tired of reading crap, but I needed any introduction, something about basarce.
How do I start?
I'm sure you are able to realize that sometimes you look into a crowd, look at the faces of all those people quickly without paying attention. You can do that several times without bothering but only once you set your eyes on someone else, someone who for some reason you are familiar and yet mysterious, someone that stands out.
He is someone very special but still do not know, yet. How did you know that person is special? Because for some reason I emphasize this person to your view, should mean something right?
Too many questions unanswered ... until now.
How do I start?
Answer: I have done.
How did you know that person is special?
Answer: I answered too, leaving us with only one unanswered question ... What can come to mean?
I can not answer something like this ... but I can tell you why.
I had my own highlighter person during my vacation. I saw and I saw that person back, both highlight each other, everything seemed so perfect ... and there sure as I have supposed, by the nature of my words, nothing happened. Although the fact that we found again and again during his stay there, just nothing happened ... and I blame myself for that.
Insurance already noticed, is quite strange. Although I have no proof that this person is still reminds me how I remember it.

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